Bakken Educators bring exciting science experiences right into your classroom.

30 Minute Workshops

Lights On: Exploring Electricity for Early Childhood

(ages 2-5)

Help Moby the Mouse find her way when all the lights go out! Beyond this story, groups will get a chance to learn a song, play a game, and experiment with circuits specially designed to help young explorers make connections of their own.

A Sense of Science

(Grades K-1)

Students take on the role of experts in the five senses to help Jimmy the Dog learn new things about a strange object. Then they put these skills to use comparing the properties of objects, exploring whether they are alike or different through interactive games and with a hands-on experiment.


(Grades K-2)

While designed for students who are just beginning their exploration of magnetism, this program can be interesting and fun for any students working to discover what magnets have to offer. Our educator will take students through concepts such as attract & repel and magnetic poles using experiments, games, and demonstrations sure to pull all types of learners into the fun.

Feel the Force

(Grades K-2)

A full hour of discovery and exploration of forces that can attract and repel for younger groups to experience electricity and magnetism. Students will be wowed by some of our most popular static electricity experiments and demonstrations and engage in small group inquiry and games with magnets,.

Simple Static

(Grades K-12)

Through a series of demonstrations and interactive experiments, a Bakken educator will provide younger students a hands-on introduction to basic ideas about static electricity, while revealing to them how the practice of science can be exciting, surprising, and fun!

*Due to the challenges presented by humidity, we discourage booking static programs in the months of June-September.


Batteries, Bulbs, and Wires

(Grades 3-6) – NEW for 2017-2018

After a simple primer on circuits, students get a giant pile of—you guessed it—batteries, lightbulbs, wires and fun gadgets. The challenge? to build anything and everything from the simplest of circuits to complex creations. Easily scaleable for any level, this is the perfect blend of circuitry and inquiry to leave students wired for discovery.


(Grades 3-6)

Explore energy, its different forms, the ways it changes, and how we use it. Students will experiment with how electricity can be generated and think like innovators as they engage with small concepts and big ideas that illustrate the role that energy will play in our live now and in the future.

Nano Nano: The Science of the Small

(Grades 3-6)

The nano world may be tiny, but it still wows students as they discover the differences in how small objects behave and explore ideas behind some of today's cutting-edge science. Students see demos and try group-based experiments to reveal some small discoveries with big implications.

Static Electricity

(Grades 3-6)

A Bakken instructor will lead your students through a number of experiments where they will get to experience static electricity first hand. This engaging and energizing presentation has a hands-on focus allowing students to learn about electricity by experiencing its effects, asking questions, and creating their own experiments to try, leaving the students excited to learn more about science.

Science/Fiction: Exploring the ethics of innovation through Frankenstein

(Grades 7-12) – NEW for 2017-2018

Mary Shelley’s most famous story raised many questions that are still compelling today: What does it meant to create something? Just because we can, should we? Who should be responsible? After a story refresher, students will tackle a challenge to assemble a ‘creation’ of their own while digging into these questions in regards to their own work, to fiction, and to the future of contemporary science in society.

Advanced Static

(Grades 9-12)

Designed for high school physics students, this program provides an entertaining introduction to and exploration of static electricity. Taking a closer look at how electrons can produce shocking effects, students will enjoy an experiment and demonstration-based hour that illuminates not only the science behind the sparks but also how we came to understand it.

Frogs, Volts, and Vinegar: Engineering Electricity from Past to Present

(Grades 4-8)

Alessandro Volta may have invented the battery over 200 years ago, but his invention is just as useful today and still provides some very entertaining experiments. Through his story, students experiment with batteries to power simple devices and explore the innovation process for themselves.



60 minute Workshops: $200/first class, $100/additional classes on the same day

30 minute Workshops: $120/first class, $60/additional classes on the same day


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