Absolutely Horseless.

Absolutely Horseless.

Advertising the First Wave of Electric Cars

On Display June 25, 2014 - February 24, 2015

At the dawn of the automobile age, electric vehicles vied with steam and gas-powered cars for market dominance. Advertised as the ideal town car, electric vehicles were silent, clean, and simple to operate. These features made them twice as popular as gas-powered cars in large cities. But electrics had a limited range, and for touring the country on longer weekend trips, gas-powered vehicles had the advantage.  The Bakken has organized a set of over 40 ads from the early 20th century focusing on the first generation of electric motor vehicles.


Including ads from:
American Bicycle Company
Anderson Electric Car Company
The Argo Electric Vehicle Company
The Baker R & L Company
The Broc Electric Vehicle Company
The Columbus Buggy Company
Edison Storage Battery Company
The Electric Storage Battery Company
Fritchle Automobile & Battery Company
General Vehicle Company, Inc.
Ideal Electric Company
M & P Electric Vehicle Company
The Milburn Wagon Company
The Ohio Electric Car Company
Pope Motor Car Company
Riker Electric Vehicle Company
The Rauch & Lang Carriage Company
The Standard Electric Car Company
The Waverly Company
Willard Storage Battery Company
Woods Motor Vehicle Company
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Rep. Frank Hornstein



June 25 - January 31, 2015