Tinker Time

Drop in on Saturdays and join us for some hands-on, minds-on tinkering challenges in The Bakken’s student makerspace.  Join us and tinker for as long as you like (typical experience 30-45 minutes).  While the goal is simple, the possibilities are endless. 



Musical Marble Machines 
Build a marble run using the available materials and add musical elements for the marbles to interact with.

September 16th (10am-1pm), 23rd (1pm-4pm), & 30th (10am-1pm)




Rocking Robots 
Check out these musical LEGO robots that can make music. Tweak their code and change their sound.

October 18th, 19th, 20th (during MEA Break: Wed 11am to 3pm, Thu 10am to 12pm, and Fri 11am to 3pm) 


Bing, Bang, Boing Challenge 
This challenge requires you to bounce a marble off a series of trampolines into the target, making a satisfying “bing”, “bang”, and “boing” sounds along the way.

November 24th, 25th (Thanksgiving Break – Fri, Sat – 11am to 3pm)


Musical Computers 
Create songs and play programmed instruments. Modify the code and customize your sound.

December 9th (10am-1pm), 16th (1pm-4pm), 23rd (10am—1pm), 30th (1pm-4pm)


Recommended for Youth ages 7-15+


FREE with museum admission


No registration required, activities are available during the schedule times on a first come first serve basis