In response to the successful 1931 film, Frankenstein, starring Boris Karloff, Universal Pictures made a sequel entitled Bride of Frankenstein. The film revolved around the creation of a mate for Frankenstein’s monster. This action figure captures the character’s iconic lightning-streaked hair. Accessories include a dungeon stone base with an engraved nameplate, replaceable bandaged head, cloth dress, and an electrode.


Made in China
Made of plastic, cardboard, and fabric

Did you know?

When The Bakken Museum’s founder, Earl Bakken, was eight years old, he saw the movie Frankenstein at the Heights Theater in Columbia Heights, Minnesota. Mr. Bakken was fascinated and inspired by the idea that there might be a connection between invention and life. His interest guided him to receive training in electrical engineering at the University of Minnesota and ultimately found the most significant medical device manufacturer, Medtronic – and The Bakken Museum.

The Bakken Museum has several artifacts focused on Frankenstein and two exhibits: Mary and Her Monster and Frankenstein’s Laboratory.