Bakken Museum on MPR Friday Roundtable

MPR News with Kerri Miller recorded a Friday Roundtable discussion on 200 years on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein with a panel of guests that includes The Bakken Museum’s own Juliet Burba.

If you think of “Frankenstein” as B-movie horror kitsch, you’re missing so much. It’s been 200 years since Mary Shelley, at age 20, penned the novel that raised enduring questions about science, mortality and what really makes us “human.”

For this week’s Friday Roundtable, MPR News host Kerri Miller and her guests dive into the time period that inspired Shelly’s work and why it continues to feel relevant today.


• Jennifer Alexander is the Director of Graduate Studies in the History of Science, Technology & Medicine at the Univ of Minnesota

• Heidi Berg is an actor with Green T Productions and Museum Manager for Wells Fargo.

• Juliet Burba is the Director of Exhibits and Collections at the Bakken Museum in Minneapolis.

Listen to the feature below: