Summer Camp FAQ

Summer Science Day Camps are aimed at the aspiring inventor in every kid. We provide students with the tools, space, time, materials, and guidance to make and create unique and individual projects and inventions, while learning to think creatively and bring their ideas to life.

Students engage in a variety of hands-on activities that ultimately prepare them to design and build their own projects over the course of the week. Students will have an assortment of tools and materials available that they can use in their projects and inventions. The students will participate in games, work on group problem solving challenges, learn about electricity and circuits, take part in hands-on safety training with the tools in the workshop, engage in activities to inspire creativity, and put together daily take-home, science-based magic tricks. Students will work with camp staff and volunteers to create their own original creations utilizing the Bakken’s Invention Process: Think It, Make It, Improve It, Show It.
Students will keep and take home their daily magic tricks, and their final projects at the end of the week.
Camp officially starts at 9 am and runs until 4 pm. The doors will open at 8:30 and starting then we will have staff available to watch children who are dropped off. At the end of the day, staff will stay with the campers up until 5 pm, but we typically open the door to the room for signing out the campers starting at around 3:45.
Yes. Museum members receive a 10% discount on registration. There are two types of need-based scholarship available. Scholarships for 85% of the program cost are available to families that are receiving public assistance. Scholarships for 50% of the program cost are available to other families needing assistance. For more information or to apply please call André Phillips at (612) 926 – 3878 ext 200.
We have a water cooler in the room with us, but campers are expected to bring their own lunch and if they want something else to drink they should bring that as well. Lunches and drinks will be set aside in the morning until lunchtime. There is no microwave or refrigerator available for camper use.
The Bakken will provide a small snack in the morning. This usually consists of something like pretzels or animal crackers, and we do our best to avoid common allergens. Students are welcome to bring their own snack if they want more to eat or do not want the snack provided. Campers are also encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottle.
Typically after lunch and for the afternoon break we will go outside for a little while, either onto the rooftop terrace or across the street near the lake. We will only go outside if the weather permits, but if it is too hot or raining we will stay indoors.
Our all girl camp features the same activities and challenges as the other camps with the only difference being the composition of the class. Girls-only camps are intended to present girls with the opportunity to explore activities and environments that too often appear reserved for boys. By providing a camp for girls exclusively we hope to provide a safe, comfortable environment that empowers young women to pursue science in their lives.
The two main differences between these sessions and the rest are the length of the day and the materials and tools available. For this group we have only half-day camps in the morning, have broken the day into shorter segments, and present the material in a more age appropriate manner. We also limit the group to age appropriate materials and tools as well.
The major difference between this session and the rest is what the students bring of themselves to the camp. The projects and challenge solutions from this session tend to be more advanced and/or complex. Otherwise, these camps are mostly intended to give our older campers a chance to work among their peers.
The week of July 1st we will have a 3-day camp for 7th, 8th, and 9th graders. This week will be essentially the same as the other full-day camps with one exception. Because of the missing days, this week will have the schedule changed to accommodate more daily workshop time to make sure students still get enough time to focus on their projects.
We recommend one week of camp per camper so we may serve as many students as possible. You are welcome to sign up for multiple weeks of camp, however, each week we repeat the same challenges, tricks, and activities, and not all campers enjoy the repetition. Campers are welcome to build a new project each week or, if they know they’ll be returning, work on one project over multiple weeks. We are committed to keeping camp accessible to as many students as possible, and one week per camper helps to keep the camp experience equitable.
Each year we come up with new challenges and tricks for our students to try. The inventions are up to the students, so they are free to come up with something entirely new and original.
On the first day of the session you will need to fill out the student emergency contact and release forms. You can bring your own copy if you have it, otherwise we’ll have a copy printed at the sign-in table. The only other thing students need to bring is a bag lunch, and you are welcome to include a snack for break time as well. We do also encourage campers to bring a reusable water bottle for the week.
When students are working in the workshop they will need to have closed-toed shoes. There are many heavy and sharp things in the workshop and we like our students to leave with as many toes as they started with. So far we have had a 100% success rate with this, and we would like to keep it this way.
If the session is filled to capacity, you can be put onto a waiting list. If there are any cancellations or no-shows, we will call the members on the waiting list on a first come first served basis, you will then have one week to turn in your registration and payment to reserve your spot.
We are able to offer a full refund, less $25, up to 30 days prior to the start of camp.

Program cost

For one week of camp:

Young Maker Camps | $200 per session

Camp Innovation - 4 days| $300 per session

Camp Innovation - full week | $385 per session


Other Questions?

If you have other question please feel free to contact André Phillips at, or 612-926-3878 ext. 200.

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