Today’s challenge: Build a cantilever out of LEGOs
Materials: LEGOs

What is a cantilever anyway? A cantilever is a structure that is anchored one end and extends out beyond the edge without additional support. Cantilevers are common when building bridges. Often two cantilevers are joined to form a bridge with additional support from like you see on a suspension bridge. Sometimes they are used as architectural flourishes. They can even be found in furniture!

How far can you support a minifig beyond the edge of the table?

Using only LEGO piece build a cantilever that extends as far beyond as possible.

A cantilever is a structure that is anchored on one end and extended without any additional support. Explore how to use a counterweight to keep your center of balance of your structure over the table. Does it work better to use long beams or many smaller overlapping bricks? Where else have you seen cantilevers? They are often used in architecture and sometimes even in furniture.

Once you build your cantilever and perch your minifig far from the edge, share it with us! Post in the comments on our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter pages or use #BakkenDiscovers on your own page. Be sure to check out all the other designs. Maybe you will see something that sparks a new idea and you can improve your own design.


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