Some of The Bakken Museum’s most popular education programs are now available as digital interactives! These online versions of shows and workshops are perfectly tailored to various distance learning formats.

  • Workshops feature a Hyperdoc—an online worksheet that follows the videos so students can make predictions, answer questions, and try experiments in our Virtual Laboratory
  • Programs can be watched as one continuous program or in smaller segments, as a whole class or by students individually
  • Each program also features a Teacher Guide to help educators guide students through these exciting lessons and provide tips for using the technical tools included

Are you a parent or caregiver? Check out online education to do at home!

Digital Workshops


(Grades 3-6)

Continuous Program, Segmented Program, or Interactive Hyperdoc

In this engaging and energizing presentation, students learn about static electricity by watching its effects, asking questions, and making connections to their own lives, leaving the students excited to learn more about science. Featuring an online version of a hands-on experiment, students will get to test various materials and record observations.


(Grades 3-6)

Continuous Program, Segmented Program, or Interactive Hyperdoc

Explore energy, its different forms, the ways it changes, and how we use it. With a focus on electricity generation, students will use online tools to try a hands-on experiment. They will also think like innovators as they engage the role that energy will play in our lives now and in the future.


(Grades 3-6)

Continuous Program, Segmented Program, or Interactive Hyperdoc

Add some more fun with small things to follow the Small Stuff, Big Deal science theatre show!


(Grades 4-8)

Continuous Program, Segmented Program, or Interactive Hyperdoc

Over 200 years ago, Alessandro Volta invented an electricity innovation that we still use today. Through his story, students experiment with “batteries” to power simple devices and explore the innovation process for themselves. Volta’s experiment has been turned into an interactive online experience that is sure to leave students buzzing with excitement.

Science Theatre Shows


(Grades 3-6)

Continuous Program

Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and the story of their feud provide a gateway into learning about the science, engineering, the history of electricity and how we generate it. This show engages students in thinking about this tricky topic through interactive storytelling, humor, and some very exciting demonstrations including a finale that will leave students feeling energized about science.


(Grades 3-8)

Continuous Video, Segmented Video, and Hyperdoc

Considered to be the cutting edge of STEM research today, nanoscience explores some very little things that may have a very big impact on our lives. Engaging topics such as surface area, chemical reactions, and measurement this funny, fast, and fiery show will invite students to explore how things behave differently when they are small. Through games, math problems, and a simple at-home experiment, students will feel like they’re right in the middle of the action!



Digital Workshops: $100 for up to 4 classrooms, $25 for each additional class utilizing the program.

Science Theatre Programs: $150 for up to 4 classrooms, $25 for each additional class utilizing the program.


By purchasing a program, you are given access to:

  • Continuous Program video
  • Segmented Program videos
  • Teacher guide
  • Hyperdoc for students to work alongside the videos (CHECK OUT A SAMPLE HYPERDOC)

Note: Our War of the Currents Show is only available as a Continuous Program

Please be aware that, while we’ve tried out best to make these programs run as smoothly as possible, you and your students will need access to a device that connects to the internet and the ability to open multiple tabs at once and navigate between them. We have also found that, if using a tablet, the program works significantly better if you and your students download the free GoogleDocs app before starting. You can open these documents in a browser on a tablet, it just won’t be nearly as smooth. You should not need any special programs if working on a desktop or laptop.

You will need access to a device that connects to the internet and the ability to open multiple tabs.

Optional: Screen Sharing capabilities with your students, google docs, or a way for students to engage with you in a video conference or chat boxes; however, none of those tools are necessary.

Email, and we will help get you set up with everything!

Once you have purchased the program, you will be sent an email with instructions and links to all the program elements.
All programs will remain accessible through mid-June at the earliest.
While we can't stop you from sharing the links, we are asking that if more than 4 classroom teachers choose to share the program, you let us know so we can charge the additional classes accordingly and send those teachers a link.

YES! The Bakken Museum is currently taking precautions to keep staff at home during the COVID-19 outbreak. All of these programs, however, have been adapted from live outreach programs. If you’re interested in bringing a live program to your school next year, or you are interested in an onsite field trip, view our in-person outreach program webpage for more information.

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