Designing for Life

Explore how design and engineering can be used to positively impact human lives in Designing for Life.

The exhibit includes two areas of focus:

Personal Prostheses: try devices that could be used to help people who have limited use of one or both hands. Test your ability to make pancakes using a variety of prosthetic devices, and see how other activities require different types of prostheses. Visitors will also learn about myoelectric hands and how prostheses are made through a collaboration with prosthetists at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare.

Paper Engineering: our exhibit facilitators will help you use a variety of tools and techniques to transform 2D paper into useful and innovative 3D objects. Feeling inspired? You can use these basic engineering skills to bring your imagination to life by creating something new!

Designing for Life is part of a larger Museum initiative, Inventing for Health, which includes the exhibit Minnesota Made.

Funding for this exhibit was generously provided in part by:

The Lillehei Family Foundation
Fredrikson & Byron P.A.