KEVA Art and Architecture Studio


The KEVA Art and Architecture Studio offers access to 2,000 precision-cut ¼-inch thick, ¾-inch wide, and 4 ½-inches long planks. Using only gravity, dabble with physics in order to achieve balance, optimum proportion, and a steady structure as you construct towers, arches, bridges, and art. Equally appealing to both children and adults, KEVA planks awaken the innovator, architect, and engineer in everyone. The creations are temporary, and knocking them down is half the fun! Learn more about KEVA Planks.

The KEVA Art and Architecture Studio is a hands-on experience. Hand sanitizing stations are available outside of the gallery for visitors to clean their hands before and after interacting with KEVA Planks. The museum has three sets of KEVA Planks, which are rotated each day, giving the planks at a minimum of 53 hours to naturally disinfect between uses.

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