Explore Out of the Ordinary

Get a shock from a 100-year-old electricity machine, experience the world of Mary Shelley and her novel Frankenstein with experiments and an immersive object theater, wire a tiny city and light up the Foshay Tower, and test out some of Ben Franklin's favorite static electricity experiments.

Current Exhibits

  • Spark of Life

    What is electricity? What did people from other times and places think about it? From light bulbs to comic book villains, discover the many uses…

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  • West Winds

    Explore the story of West Winds mansion, the museum’s home on Bde Maka Ska (formerly Lake Calhoun). Since its mid-1970s transformation into The Bakken Museum,…

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  • Mary and Her Monster

    This audacious and fascinating young woman from the early 1800's challenged conventions, overcame obstacles, and found inspiration in the art, culture and science of her…

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  • Gardens and Grounds

    The Bakken Museum is surrounded by beautiful landscaping and stunning examples of nature, including three distinctive gardens. The Florence Bakken Medicinal Garden curves around the museum's West side. Inspired…

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