Innovators Workshop: Fidget Cube

During this Innovators Workshop, students will design and build custom fidget cubes. We will utilize rapid prototyping techniques to create a model using cardboard and then complete a project out of wood. Students will learn about 2-dimension design software to plan their design and practice making 3-dimension objects.

DATE: May 20
TIME: 5:30-8:30 p.m.
LOCATION: The Bakken Museum, 3537 Zenith Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55416
COST: $45, $41 for Household and Supporting Members

The Bakken Museum offers income-based scholarships to help provide access to its youth programs. Please visit the Youth Program Scholarships page for more information.


  • This program will be limited to 10 or fewer students working with 2 educators.
  • At-home monitoring for symptoms of illness by campers and all museum staff will be required.
  • Students and staff will be required to wear face masks.
  • Handwashing and hand sanitizer stations will be available in every space.
  • All activities have been modified to reduce contact between individuals.
  • Room layouts will be altered, and markers will be placed to maintain social distancing
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