See how magnets work, try a design challenge, and learn about the history of science fiction. The Bakken Museum's digital learning content provides lots of ways to engage with science, technology, engineering, and math wherever you are!

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(AGES 2-5)

Help Moby the Mouse find her way when all the lights go out! Learn a song, play a game, and experiment with circuits! What connections can you make during this story?



Are magnets magic? No, but they sure can do some magical things! Hear the story of Natalie North and Sam South and all their magnetic adventures, then explore on your own!


(GRADES 5-8)

Mary Shelley was inspired by real-life science experiments when she wrote Frankenstein. Watch our version of these creepy experiments and then try building your own Frankenhand!

Design Challenges

At The Bakken Museum, we use the Wonder, Try, Discover, Share innovation process. For each Design Challenge, we ask you to:

  • WONDER: Ask a question (What happens if…? How can I...? Would this work…? How do I solve…?)
  • TRY: Use the tools around you to try to answer your question or solve your problem
  • DISCOVER: What is happening? Is it what you expected? What else could you try?
  • SHARE: Share your innovation and what you learned while doing it! By sharing your work, others can be inspire to try their own innovations and gain knowledge from your experience.

Audio Tour

Learn about innovators and items from The Bakken Museum's vault! Each audio clip features information from The Bakken Museum's expert staff.


How did a little girl named Suzie help make the asthma inhaler more effective?

La Science

This French games tests your knowledge of innovations and those who made them.


How did a dead frog lead to the eventual creation of batteries and pacemakers?


Thomas persisted against racism to develop revolutionary surgical techniques.

Origins of
Science Fiction

Who is the mother of Science Fiction and how did science influence her first novel?

Party Planning

Ben Franklin's party menu included electrically charged drinks and shocked turkeys.

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