Programs at The Bakken Museum

Digital outreach, virtual field trips, and distance learning support

Youth & Family Programs

Summer Camps

Project Time

During Camp Innovation at The Bakken Museum, students design and build their own inventions, practice creative thinking skills, make magic tricks, and play games.


Week-long summer camps run from June into September for students entering grades 4-9.


Students meet other young women interested in science, technology, math, and science!

Digital Education

Outreach Programs

Field Trips

Everyone on the Bus!

The Bakken Museum offers a variety of activities during your field trip. Teachers choose one workshop and either a guided or facilitated Bakken exhibit tour or a tour of the nearby Pavek Museum of Broadcasting. In the 75-minute classroom-based workshop, students explore science content and make connections between history, science, and engineering. Each workshop is specially designed to meet your grade level needs. In a 75-90 minute Bakken or Pavek tour, students learn that they are part of science by finding connections with exhibits, artifacts, scientists, and inventors highlighted in the museum.

Virtual field trips available!


All workshops and tours support Academic Science Standards.

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