Programs at The Bakken Museum

Classes, outreach, camps, and field trips

  • Whether you have a Sunday afternoon or a whole summer to spend, there's plenty to wrap your brain around.
  • If you can think it, you can make it! Create robots, hone your skills, or just drop in and tinker — the choice is yours!
  • Explore the intersections of science, technology, engineering and math with engaging assembly programs or field trip experiences
  • Youth Workshops offer interactive learning opportunities that will leave a lasting impression!

Digital Education

Summer Camps

Project Time

During Camp Innovation at The Bakken Museum, students design and build their own inventions, practice creative thinking skills, make magic tricks, and play games.

Outreach Programs

Field Trips

Everyone on the Bus!

During each field trip, students explore the connections between history, science and engineering through The Bakken Museum’s interactive galleries. Students learn that they are part of science by finding a connection with the artifacts, experiments, scientists and inventors highlighted in the museum. In addition to guided tours, The Bakken Museum offers a variety of activities during your field trip. Each workshop is specially designed to meet your grade level needs.

2020-2021 Field Trip registration now open!


All workshops and tours support Academic Science Standards.

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