The solarsonicinfinitysystem is a musical sculpture powered by the sun. It was created by The Bakken’s student inventors working with Green Energy Artist-in-Residence, Daniel Dean.

“solarsonicinfinitysystem should be entered into like a time machine in which the world emerges. Find emergent sounds inside the sculpture.” 

Powered the sun, eco-art helps us visualize the energy in our environment and the range of possibilities it offers. This is the fourth year The Bakken has hosted a Green Energy Art Garden on its green rooftop. 

This year, the Green Energy Art Garden has been growing the skills of young inventors who are combining science, technology and art in service to the environment. Professional artist Daniel Dean, a Green Energy Art Garden 2011 Artist Alumni, is leading a team of four students from the Invention programs to design and build a large scale eco-art sculpture. The project celebrates the role of art in expanding our thinking about energy production, use and conservation. 

Meet the team.
Read a fantastic article written about the solarsonicinfinitysystem!

Special thanks to John King, electrical engineer and mentor to young Bakken inventors, for volunteering his time and expertise throughout this project. 

The project was well documented throughout each step of the process. The ideation phase, challenges, failures and success were all captured on the project blog