PLEASE NOTE: We're doing our part to help stop the community spread of COVID-19. In response to the global pandemic, The Bakken Museum has paused in-person outreach programs until further notice. Please see our digital outreach programs, or contact us for ways to bring inspiring STEM programming to your school, library, or community center.

Hands-on STEM activities to ignite your imagination, rolled up into perfect packages for your event.

Choose an exciting package, gather volunteers, and we’ll do the rest! Bakken educators will come to your event loaded with hands-on experiments, science demonstrations, engineering challenges, and simple STEM activities that participants can try. Your volunteers will receive training on how to facilitate these activities with event guests.

Add on a series of repeating demonstrations or a full assembly show to complete the festival feel!


Out and About

Learn all about the great outdoors. From bird beaks to raging rivers, these nature-themed activates bring the outdoors into your space.

Mind and Body

These activities will challenge your brain, your body, and show you how humans interact with the world.

Science Fiction

From spooky to silly, our science fiction activities reveal the ethical questions surrounding human innovation with a focus on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

*Add a 25-minute Finding Frankenstein for Families assembly show for just $120.

Illuminating Space

With a focus on the science of light and space exploration, this suite of activities is out of this world.

How? Wow!

This package focuses on simple physics and other science concepts through thrilling hands-on activities and “Classic Bakken” favorites.



3-4 Tables
Perfect for >50 people

$150/hr. + $50 Setup Fee

Topics: Out and About, Illuminating Space, Science Fiction, How? Wow, and Mind and Body


5-6 Tables
Perfect for 50-100 people

$200/hr. + $50 Setup Fee

Topics: Out and About, Illuminating Space, Science Fiction, How? Wow!, and Mind and Body


7-10 Tables
Perfect for 100-200 people

$230/hr. + $50 Setup Fee

Topics: Illuminating Space and How? Wow!

Extra Large

Expecting 200+ people?

Add on extra activities a la carte at $15/hr. each + $50 additional set up fee

Additional activities based on availability

Mix & Match

Don’t see the theme you want? We can work with you to create a custom experience for your event.

Choose the number of activities you want and we will pull activities from various other packages to ensure a unique experience that is right for you.

A $100 additional admin fee will be applied to any Mix & Match programs.

Add Ons

Sprinkle in a little extra excitement with short repeating demonstrations or add a lot of wow with a large scale show—we have multiple topics available for each!

Repeating Science Demonstrations


Topics: Magnets, Nano Science,
Static (Static is only available Sept-May)

Assembly Show


See our assembly shows webpage for topics.


Most groups choose to bring us in for 1.5-2 hours. If your event is much shorter or longer, let us know. We may be able to guide you towards an assembly or workshop that will work better for your group.

The typical time it takes a family to move through each package:

  • Small = about 30 min
  • Medium = about 45 min
  • Large and Extra Large = about 1 hr

All of our activities are designed with elementary age students and their families in mind. We don’t currently offer any activities that are well suited for kids under the age of 5 without significant supervision.

Our staff will arrive one hour before the start of an event that has booked a small or medium package, and an hour and a half before the start of an event for a large or extra-large package.

30 minutes before the start of a small or medium event, and 45 minutes before the start of a large event, we will need all volunteers (one for each table) present to be trained on their activities.

Please provide one table for every activity plus one additional table. Some activities work best when participants can sit, so please have a handful of chairs on hand as well. We typically do these activities in one large room, like a gymnasium or cafeteria. If you need to split the activities into separate spaces, please let us know during the booking process as we may require additional volunteers or setup time.

If adding an assembly or demos, please provide a large open space for our educators to create a small “performance space” with students sitting on the floor to create an “audience.” Typically, we perform assemblies in a gym or cafeteria, while demos can usually work in a classroom or library. Some demos and assemblies require access to power near the performance space and water somewhere in the building.

We typically send 1-3 educators to an event to set up the activities, train volunteers, troubleshoot and assist during the event, and clean up at the end. The volunteers facilitate the activities during the event. Volunteers enhance the learning and fun-factor of each activity. It also helps everyone stay safe. Don’t worry; volunteers don’t need to have a Ph.D. in Astrophysics. They just need to be enthusiastic about working with kids and ready to learn! Our staff will cover all the necessary training and make sure your volunteers feel comfortable facilitating their activity.

30 minutes before the start of a small or medium event, and 45 minutes before the start of a large event, we will need all volunteers (one for each table) present to be trained on their activities. Volunteers must 14 or older, and each table must have a volunteer present at all times.

If on the night of the event, you are not able to provide as many volunteers as requested tables, we only can set up as many activities as you have volunteers, and you still be required to pay the full price. If you are worried about providing volunteers, let us know, and we can guide you towards an a la carte option or suggest adding an assembly, workshop, or demos.

Book a program a la carte, and our educators will present the content ourselves!
  • Inspiration Stations - $60/hour + $30 set up fee for each activity
  • Repeating Science Demos - $200/hour (see “What else can I add on?” for topics)
  • Workshops - $200/workshop
  • Assembly Shows - $350/show

Most of our activities are not designed to work outdoors. If you would like us to attend your outdoor event, let us know, and we’ll work with you to find activities that will fit your needs. If booking a Mix & Match package, extra charges may apply.

This your event, so make the most of it! We love joining in the fun and seeing our friends from other STEM and Education organizations. If you have other partners at the event, please let us know who they are, or what they are bringing, so we can avoid overlapping activities.

“All of your hands-on experiments really hooked the students and engaged them in the learning. I’ve taught science for 41 years and found your presentation riveting. Thank you for charging the students up!”

-STEM Coordinator at Rogers Elementary

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