A chance to experience the drama of science and theater together in your gym, auditorium or cafeteria. Also perfect for libraries, scout groups, science fairs, and other family or youth events outside of the school day, these customize-able programs bring entertainment and education to all ages.


War of the Currents

(Grades 3-6)

Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and the story of their feud provide a gateway into learning about the science, engineering, and history of electricity and how we generate it. This show engages students in thinking about this tricky topic through interactive storytelling, humor, and some very exciting demonstrations including a finale that will leave students feeling energized about science.

The ‘I’ in Sports: STEM innovations that keep us playing

(Grades 3-6) — NEW 2017-2018

Meet the team behind the team in this interactive and humorous show. Through a series demonstrations and experiments, discover the different roles scientists and engineers of all sorts have played in in making our athletes stronger, our equipment safer, and our coaches smarter so we can play the best versions of the sports we love. It’s all fun and games…and science too!

Small Stuff, Big Deal

(Grades 3-8)

Considered to be the cutting edge of STEM research today, nanoscience explores some very little things that may have a very big impact on our lives. Engaging topics such as surface area, chemical reactions, and measurement this funny, fast, and fiery show will invite students to explore how things behave differently when they are small.

Finding Frankenstein

(Grades 7-12)

What led the mother of science fiction to write the novel Frankenstein at the age of 18? Learn about the science and culture of the early 1800’s from Mary Shelley herself in an interactive performance--perfect for classes reading the novel Frankenstein, exploring the history of science and electricity, or those seeking a discussion of science in society in the past, present, or the future.


Following Frankenstein

(Grades 7-12) – NEW for 2017/18

Allow students a richer experience by pairing our Finding Frankenstein show with our Science/Fiction workshop as a follow-up. Through our show students will have the chance to not only consider the context and questions brought to light by Shelley’s famous novel. Then, in a classroom workshops they will be invited to also consider what those questions mean in the context of today and the future.

Green Energy Outreach Program

(Grades 3-6)

This package uses our Energy workshop to give students a hands-on introduction to electricity generation then builds upon that with our entertaining and electrifying War of the Currents show, giving students both a deeper experience with the content and the extra jolt they need to be excited about science long after it’s over.

Nanoscience Package: Small and Smaller

(Grades 3-8)—NEW for 2017-18

Start with our very exciting Small Stuff, Big Deal Assembly as an introduction to the cutting edge of science on the smallest scale then build on that understanding with an inquiry-driven Nano workshop. Student's will take apply the basic ideas and excitement generated by the show to getting up close with demonstrations and work on small group challenges to get an understanding of this small science and its big possibilities.

Science of Sports Package

(Grades 3-6)—NEW for 2017-18

Take your learning into overtime with this two part sports science program. One visit focuses on engineering, design and innovation with our On the Ball classroom workshop, where students will test sports equipment and practice collecting and analyzing data. During our next visit sports fans come together for the big game: an engaging assembly that introduces students to the players off the field. The ‘I’ in Sports takes the audience into the locker room and beyond to learn from STEM innovators whose work is improving the sports we love.


Electricity - Customizable

(Grades 3-6)

The Bakken Museum can customize a 3-5 day residency on the theme of electricity for your students. Combining elements from our Science Assets™ residency, outreach workshops and/or assembly programs, your students can experience static, current, and bio electricity over a number of visits for a fun, in-depth educational experience. This program is intended for grades 4-6 and can accommodate up to four 60-minute classes each day.

Round Robin One-Day Residency

(Grades 3-6) – NEW for 2017-2018

For an entire grade who wishes to stretch their experience and make connections across a few topics, this one day residency option is an excellent opportunity to dig deeper. A team of Bakken educators will come to your school and teach either 3 or 4 different programs concurrently then classes will rotate between them until everyone has experienced all the programs. A graphic organizer that travels with each class is used to help students track connections between the classes and allows each program to build on those before it, no matter what order they are seen in. Classes leave the day with their own poster and a fully saturated sense of all the exciting, engaging, and entangled ideas covered.

Multi-Day Science Residency

(Grades 3-6) – NEW for 2017-2018

To make your Bakken experience really last, book a multi-day residency. String together a collection of workshops and/or assemblies that allow students to follow a scaffold-ed arc, specially constructed by the Bakken team from the topics you select. Fit these visits into a few days in a row or have us visit once a week for several weeks to allow to programming impact to stretch wider and go deeper, leaving students with a strong content base and the excitement to carry on the exploration beyond the confines of the program.

Multi-Day Invention Residency

(Grades 3-6) – NEW for 2017-2018

Introduce students to the concepts and skills needed to dive into inventing with this multi-day residency. Bakken educators will lead classes through a fun and engaging series of games, activities, and challenges that help student to identify and develop skills in design-thinking and engineering process. Each day ends with the introduction of a different inventor and the story of how they used these same skills to help shape our world. This residency is the perfect kick-off to an invention unit or project as it seeks to prepare then provoke excitement in students and send them off with the desire and ability to create.



Assembly Shows: $350/first show, $200/additional show on the same day

Residency Program: please contact us for details and pricing


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