Host your child's next birthday celebration at The Bakken Museum! Your child and their friends can celebrate and be entertained by one of our exciting science-themed birthday packages, complete with an educator-led activity, free time to explore the museum, and a special souvenir to take home.

Party Themes

Discover how magnificent magnets can be by playing with these fun science objects and seeing some awesome demonstrations showing what they can do!
(Recommended for ages 6-8)
Have a hair-raising good time with us learning about and playing with static. Participate in a static magic show and then make your own static magic toy to take home! (Note: activities may not be available in humid weather)
(Recommended for ages 6-8)
Create something extraordinary using science and your imagination! Bring a monstrous creation to life, create your own comic book, and conduct experiments with a Mad Scientist’s assistance!
(Recommended for ages 6-12)
Be a part of an electrifying, hands-on, demonstration showing the wonders of static electricity, electricity in our bodies, electromagnets, and even a Telsa Coil! (Note: activities may not be available in humid weather)
(Recommended for ages 9-12)
See how science makes things change color, disappear, grow, and explode! You will even have a chance to try some experiments that are sure to blow your mind!
(Recommended for ages 9-12)

Birthday parties are held from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as on certain school release days. Flexible time frames are available.

Party pricing is $300 for up to 10 kids, and $350 for 16 kids with 1 chaperone required per every 4 kid, for 20 people total.

If you would like an additional 30 minutes for presents/other activities in the room, there is an additional $50.00 fee.

NOTE: Bakken birthday parties are not recommended for children under 5 years of age.

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