Hands on Science Activities for the Whole Family

Participate in “STEAM” activities, experiments, and demonstrations on most Saturdays, Sundays and select school release days. Engage the whole family in hands-on exploration of science, technology, engineering, art, and math! New activities each month.


August: Light

Dial in the time with the sun, produce a phenakistiscope (if you can pronounce it), and examine x-rays in this month’s Science Studio, Light at the Museum!


    Saturday, August 4th
    Sunday, August 5th
    Saturday, August 11th
    Sunday, August 12th
    Saturday, August 18th
    Sunday, August 19th
    Saturday, August 25th
    Sunday, August 26th

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September: Greatest Hits

Perks of Science Studio

Each weekend join us for an unique opportunity to:

  • Try fun, family friendly activities.
  • Enjoy new activities each month.
  • Explore intriguing ideas and learn skills used by innovators.
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