Hands on Science Activities for the Whole Family

Participate in activities, experiments, and demonstrations on most Saturdays, Sundays and select school release days. Engage the whole family in hands-on exploration of science, technology, engineering, art, and math! New activities each month.


FEBRUARY: Engineering

Engineering is using science and math to design or make things. Even if something works well, there is usually a way to think about it or alter it in ways that make it better! Try our collection of engineering projects and experiments this month!


Solar Engineering - Solar engineers plan, design, and implement solar energy   projects. Using the solar panels and other provided materials, see if you can create something that uses solar power.

Design an Explorer Suit - Imagine that you are an explorer on an uncharted planet. You know nothing about the planet except for the natural landscape and weather it contains. With this information, can you design your own explorer suit out of clay?

Lego Man is Sick - …And the only cure is, well, Legos! Using EXACTLY 50 Lego pieces, can you construct something that can help Lego Man heal?

Snap Circuits - Electrical engineering is the name for the field in which people   invent, create, improve and fix electronic devices, tools and equipment. Electrical engineers use lots of math, science and research to develop all kinds of small and large devices and the electrical circuits that help them run. Make your own connections with this fun, foundational circuit board!

Spider Web Strength Test - Chances are you've walked into a spider web, or swatted one off your arm. It probably felt sticky, but flimsy. In fact, the silk spiders use to make their web is actually incredibly strong, stronger even than steel! Can you weave a web configuration that leaves as few weak points as possible?

Perks of Science Studio

Each weekend join us for an unique opportunity to:

  • Try fun, family friendly activities.
  • Enjoy new activities each month.
  • Explore intriguing ideas and learn skills used by innovators.
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