Resources for Educators

The Bakken Museum’s education programs encourage curious minds to explore interactive programs and experiences designed to inspire engagement with science and innovation. The museum provides over 1,250 programs to over 44,700 individuals each year. See how you can get involved!

Some of The Bakken Museum’s most popular education programs are now available as digital interactives! These online versions of shows and workshops are perfectly tailored to various distance learning formats.

Summer Outreach

In-person, streaming, and on-demand STEM education programs to engage students all summer long! Programs coverage a range of topics from nanoscience to the history of electricity for ages 3 and up.

Digital Outreach

Field Trips

During each field trip, students explore the connections between history, science and engineering through The Bakken Museum’s exhibits. Students learn that they are part of science by finding a connection with the artifacts, experiments, scientists, and inventors highlighted in the museum. In addition to guided tours, The Bakken Museum offers a variety of activities during your field trip. Each workshop is specially designed to meet your grade level needs.

Digital field trips available!

Students will recreate historic magnetic experiments in our Magnets and Electromagnets Workshop.

Students will have a variety of options, including the Static Electricity Workshop, Magnets and Electromagnets Workshop, Batteries Workshop and a Pavek Museum of Broadcasting tour.

Experience the museum and get to the heart of who Mary Shelley was through Finding Frankenstein.


All workshops and tours support Academic Science Standards.

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