Resources for Educators

  • The Bakken Museum's field trips are a great way to engage with our exhibits and workshops.
  • Can't make it to the museum? Let us bring awesome STEM education to your classroom, auditorium, or venue.
  • Develop new curricula with other educators in The Bakken Teacher Academy.

Field Trips

Everyone on the Bus!

During each field trip, students explore the connections between history, science and engineering through The Bakken Museum’s interactive galleries. Students learn that they are part of science by finding a connection with the artifacts, experiments, scientists and inventors highlighted in the museum. In addition to guided tours, The Bakken Museum offers a variety of activities during your field trip. Each workshop is specially designed to meet your grade level needs.


All workshops and tours support Academic Science Standards.


Teacher Academy

Science Learning from the Works of Scientists

Learn how to apply your scientific thinking skills to investigate scientific text!

Science Learning from the Works of Scientists is a year-long professional development program for middle- and high-school science teachers featuring history-of-science resources from The Bakken’s special collections library. The program consists of a four-day summer institute plus workshops during the school year.

The summer institute will engage participants in learning about and practicing instructional strategies for using informational text in the science classroom to enhance students’ understanding of science concepts and their scientific thinking and communication skills.

During the school year, evening and/or Saturday workshops will support participating teachers in designing, delivering and evaluating a classroom implementation project to explore the impact of their changed instruction on student learning. Participants will share their projects and findings with peers and stakeholders at the end of the program. The program also includes occasional online assignments.

Participants will earn four graduate credits in science education from Hamline University, two each for the summer and school-year components. Participation in both summer and school-year courses is expected.

Grade 6-12 science teachers. Teams of science teachers are especially encouraged to participate. The 2018 Program dates are to be determined.



• $270 stipend ($120 for summer and $150 for school-year).
• 4 graduate credits in science education from Hamline University
(2 for summer course and 2 for school-year course).
• Paid tuition fees.
• Books and other instructional materials.
• Meals and beverages during the summer institute and school-year workshops.

For more information, please contact: Teacher Academy Director Beth Murphy at

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