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Get a shock from a 100-year-old electricity machine, experience the world of Mary Shelley and her novel Frankenstein with experiments and an immersive object theater, wire a tiny city and light up the Foshay Tower, and test out some of Ben Franklin's favorite static electricity experiments.

Current Exhibits

  • Minnesota Made

    Minnesota Made

    Minnesota Made is your window into challenges faced by both patients and inventors, the dedication involved to overcome them, and why inventors strive to make patients'…

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  • Tinkering with Prototypes

    Tinkering with Prototypes is an extension of The Bakken Museum’s Makerspace and other inquiry-based programs into the visitor place. This guided-but-open experience teaches maker skills…

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  • Deep Roots

    Deep Roots: Plants as Medicine fosters reflection and encourages lively discussion as it delves into our modern preconceptions about the relationship between plants and wellness. Located…

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  • Frankenstein’s Laboratory

    Get spooked in our immersive object theater, featuring Frankenstein’s monster. The 12-minute show brings to life the tale of a mad scientist haunted by his…

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  • Electropolis


    It takes a lot of work to light up a city! Electropolis is an exhibit on electricity in Minneapolis that combines science and history to…

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  • Ben Franklin’s Electricity Party

    In the 1700s, Ben Franklin and other scientists hosted parties to show off the latest discoveries in static electricity. Join the party and try out…

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