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Get spooked in Frankenstein's Laboratory, meet the mother of science fiction in Mary & Her Monster, and test out some of Ben Franklin's favorite static electricity experiments. In addition to regular exhibits, new activities and experiments are available Saturdays and Sundays in Science Studio.



Inspiration and innovation are cornerstones of our human experience. Together they form a cycle of discovery that people use to shape the world. This cycle begins with a spark. A spark can be anything that transforms someone from a consumer into a creator. They motivate us to make what we want to see. They can be intensely personal or literally global in their scale. The Spark Exhibition explores these moments to reveal a diverse and uniquely human tradition, one that fuels our wildest imaginations and satisfies our most practical concerns. What inspires you? How will you innovate?



  • Ben Franklin’s Electricity Party

    Benjamin Franklin’s curiosity led him to explore many novel ideas and devices of his time. In fact, curiosity was what drove his own discoveries and…

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  • Mary and Her Monster

    Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein, was published in the 1800’s when she was just 21 years old. An audacious and fascinating young woman, Mary challenged conventions,…

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  • KEVA Art and Architecture Studio

    NOW OPEN! The KEVA Art and Architecture Studio offers access to 2,000 precision-cut ¼-inch thick, ¾-inch wide, and 4 ½-inches long planks. Using only gravity,…

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  • West Winds

    Explore the story of West Winds mansion, the museum’s home on Bde Maka Ska (formerly Lake Calhoun). Since its mid-1970s transformation into The Bakken Museum,…

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  • Deep Roots

    Deep Roots: Plants as Medicine: discover the history of plant-based medicine around the world, uncover the variety of uses and preparations across cultures, and reflect on…

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  • Gardens and Grounds

    Located on the shore of Bde Maka Ska, The Bakken Museum encompasses over two acres of unique gardens maintained by a group of dedicated staff…

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